I have retired from announcing and will no longer be publishing any event results.



All results are in pdf, jpg or individual files packed together as a "zip" file format.  

  To view a "pdf" file you will have to download a pdf reader at a minimum to view the actual class result files. There are numerous free pdf readers for computers, tablets and phones available.  You will have to download and install one to enable you to view the actual files that I post.

  To view jpg files you can use most any image viewing or editing software.

  And in the instance of the zip files you will have to first download and save the files that I post to your local hard drive and then right click on the file and select to "unzip" the file into the numerous files which I have packed together.

  Beginning in 2016 I rewrote my excel spreadsheet that will hopefully display "Full Pulls" as Full Pulls instead of the number 1,000.  So since the "Full Pull" distance varies dependent on the venue or even class I am trying to show just Full Pull. For years prior to 2016 if you see a result with over 1,000 feet in the distance column that means that that puller got a Full Pull in round 1 and the additional distance is their 2nd round distance.  Likewise if the distance is 2,000 feet then they got full pulls in both the first and second round and the additional distance is their 3rd round distance.  And so on and so forth up to seven rounds which is all I have my spreadsheet set up to do.  Other than stone boat pulls I have only ever seen a pull go to round four a few times.

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